Service Terms 

Services are the building blocks of proposals in Practice Ignition. The service details and description are designed to showcase your deliverables, timeframe, software, and limitations. Most importantly it’s an extension of your value proposition. It’s intended to be a clear description of what value you’re providing as a part of that service. Below you can see our annual Accounts and Tax Return as an example of a good service description. 

To keep your descriptions clear of generic terms and conditions, we’ve built out a separate section for your service terms that will dynamically pull through into your engagement letter if the service is included in the proposal. Service terms are where the "legalese" or the terms of the specific service will live. Again, we will use our Accounts and Tax Return as our example of service terms.  

We can see in the first line of the terms, “*Note, any items listed in the service for this item that has not been lodged in the previous periods may require an amended engagement for the additional work.” is clearly defining what is out of scope for the particular service. Thus, we are setting good expectations for the client receiving the annual accounts and tax returns service. 

Now, a client who is not getting the annual accounts and tax returns as a service in their proposal would not need to see these terms in their engagement letter. Therefore we add the additional text in at the terms level. Thus they will only see those terms if the service is included in the proposal. 

To learn more about how Service terms work in relation to service descriptions and your engagement letter, please read our best practices article here.

How do the service terms get added into the engagement letter?

You’ll just want to make sure you’ve include this placeholder to your engagement letter:

{% if proposal.service_terms %}

h2. Service Terms
{{ proposal.service_terms }}

{% endif %}

This will automatically bring the service terms in only when the service has included terms. If all of the services that you’ve included in the proposal do not have additional terms, then nothing extra will appear in your engagement letter.

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