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We recommend checking out the following articles, which provide a great starting point for answering the most common questions in Practice Ignition:

  1. Different Ways To Bill Your Clients: an overview of each billing type, including videos and detailed use-cases.
  2. Learning Guide 1: Preparing To Send Your First Proposal: if you're brand new to PI and you are eager to get your first proposal out the door, this is article is the place to start. Contains videos and additional resources.
  3. Best Practices For Creating A New Proposal: walks you through the proposal creation process. Contains GIFs and text.
  4. Adding New Payment Details to a Client Record and Managing Existing Payment Details: This article provides all the options for adding and managing payment details for each of your clients.
  5. Adding Brochures to your proposal: How the New Acceptance Experience Works: This article walks you through how to attach a brochure to your proposal to truly wow your customers and provide an amazing experience upfront. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Practice Ignition offer Phone Support? 

Practice Ignition does not offer immediate phone support. Our preferred method of providing support is via our conversation tool (powered by Intercom) or via email ([email protected]). We go into detail about why we don't offer immediate phone support (plus other ways you can get the help you need) in this article:

Can a proposal have multiple signatories?

Practice Ignition doesn't currently support multiple signatories in a proposal. This is a feature we will be addressing in the future, in the meantime read this article for a suggested workaround:

How to apply a discount to services

Want to give your client a deal? Here is how you can show a discount on a proposal in Practice Ignition

Can I use Practice Ignition if I am not an Accountant or Bookkeeper?

Yes, Practice Ignition is designed as a proposal and engagement generation platform that can be used by any company that provides a proposal and contract upfront and bills one-time and recurring services. 

A few other industries that we have clients from include Lawyers, Engineers, Agencies, Software providers, Architects and Business consultants.

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