Get a head start with this pre-made Zapier template (click the image below):

Beginner: Create a folder

If you are just getting started, this video will walk you through the basics of creating a folder in Google Drive when a proposal is accepted in Practice Ignition. 

Intermediate: Prevent duplicating folders for existing clients.

learn how to use a filter to prevent another folder from being created when an existing client signs a 2nd proposal in Practice Ignition

Advanced: Update sharing preferences and send the link to your client automatically

You've created the folder but now you need to share it with your client. Here's how to do it automatically

Rock Star: Create multiple folders inside your Shared Customer folder (including sharing standard documents).

If you need to create a folder structure for your client (for example, separate folders for different financial years) AND share standard documents (such as checklists/preparatory documents) here's how you can do it:

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