The Clients section is the best place to view all historical collections for a single client. When you navigate to the payments tab within a Client Record, you’ll be presented with a combined list of all transactions from all active and completed proposals accepted by the client. 

This view is especially helpful if you are looking for a collection from a client with lots of historical PI Proposals or multiple active proposals. 

To navigate to this view, click on the Clients tab in the primary navigation menu and search for your client

or search for the client in the search bar at the top of the screen. 

Once you’ve found your client. Click into their record and then click on the payments tab (2nd tab at the top of the screen)

The primary section of the screen will show a definitive list of all payments including:

  • The Payment ID #
  • The Proposal ID #
  • The payment Method used for each collection
  • The “State” of the collection (scheduled, pending, completed, rejected)
  • The total value of the collection. 

You can click on each collection to open up a drawer, which contains more details about the collection:

On the right side of the payments tab, you can see the payment method(s) your client has provided to you via Practice Ignition. You can also copy a link to the “client accessible payment details form”. You can find more information on how to use this link here.

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