Before you begin, have you looked at our new Discover page? You'll find a quick-start setup guide on that page to get you up and running ASAP, all from within your account! Otherwise if you're looking for more detailed information, read on below. 

The first step in setting up your account is to integrate your cloud ledger tool.

Practice Ignition integrates with both Xero & QBO. This will allow PI to automate your invoicing, charge your clients tax and give you access to your client list from within PI.

Within PI go to Apps on the left hand menu, then select the software you use for your internal accounting & bookkeeping.

Once you've selected and connected the software, you've just got to configure the few settings necessary to control this.

Take a look at the quick videos and articles below to learn more:



After those settings are done, your cloud ledger integration will be live and ready to go! We can proceed to the next stage of account setup.

The integrations will also allow PI to access your client lists in Xero / QBO to make proposal creation even faster!

Note: if you use Xero Practice Manager or Karbon for Workflow, we'll come back to these later in the setup as they rely on other steps to be completed.

Setup 2: General account settings (2 mins)

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