To access this click on 'Settings' and then 'Payment Gateway', on the left-hand side of PI.

The first thing you'll see here is 3 settings around how you want clients to be able to pay and whether you want it to be a requirement that the client adds their payment details - ensuring you never have to chase a payment. Best practice here is to leave them ALL ON

Once those are set as you'd like, click on Enable Payments

You'll then be prompted to add your bank details. This lets us know where to send your payments.

If this is a new account, you'll get a popup prompting you to add these details. Otherwise there will be a red button at the top right to Complete Account Details.

Once that's done you'll then have a few settings to configure how you get paid.

Proposal Defaults
These are those settings you've already configured when you enabled payments, covered above.

Collection Schedule
How soon after sending an invoice you'd like PI to collect the payments. Best practice is Immediately

The email address you'd like us to use to send any notifications around payment errors or rejected payments. Best practice is a generic [email protected] or [email protected] email, practice manager or director/CEO depending on the size of your business

And just like that you're set up to never need to chase payments again!

That's almost all the settings taken care of, let's keep going.

Setup 4: Branding, taxes & team members (3 mins)

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