Within the 'Library' -> 'Notifications' section of Practice Ignition, along with your letter of engagement templates, you'll find the email templates that can be sent to your clients in different situations.

Clicking on one of these templates will give you more information around the specific circumstances that each could be sent.

The key template to review is Advise Client of New Proposal. This email is the one sent to your clients when you send them a proposal from Practice Ignition, and hence is their first interaction with your new, fantastic, proposal tool and a great opportunity to create a good impression prior to them opening the proposal.

As with the letter of engagement, there's placeholders and formatting to help you personalise. There's also the additional placeholder "{{ proposal.message_text }}" which adds into the email any personal message which you add as part of the proposal creation process.

Our team has also created an optimised template which you can copy from below and paste in for this email:

Dear {{ contact.addressee| default:contact.name }},

{{ practice.name }}  thank you for choosing our firm to assist you with your professional service needs. We seek to act in the best interests of our clients at all times and provide the highest level of professional services.

{% if proposal.message_text %}
h3. Important Message

{{ proposal.message_text }}
{% endif %}

In order to facilitate this, {{ practice.name }}  uses an online fixed fee proposal system that is personalised to your business and includes a summary and fee breakdown of all the services agreed upon in our meeting.

h3. Reviewing and Accepting the Proposal.

"Click here to view and accept the proposal":{{ proposal.accept_url }}.
The process to accept the proposal is simple. Follow the steps on the screen and if you have any questions, you can ask a question straight on the proposal. We will be notified and will reply on the proposal as well.

h3. Frequently Asked Questions

*Why am I signing an agreement?*

It is a best practice in our industry that all work undertaken is covered by an up-to-date and relevant engagement letter - we always endeavour to operate at the highest standard of doing business. This letter ensures we both have a common understanding of what is required to be delivered, for what charge and also lists our general terms of doing business and also anything specific to the services you have requested.

*Is the payment system safe?*

Yes, our proposal provides a secure, automated direct payment system which will automatically collect all one-time and monthly payments. Your payment information is encrypted, meaning we can't see your details or share them with anyone else.

*Will I have to enter my payment information?* <REMOVE THIS IF PRACTICE IS NOT MAKING PAYMENTS REQUIRED>

We do require payment for our services up front. You simply enter your bank or credit card details once and we will take care of all the billing automatically, meaning you don’t have to take care of setting up direct debits, paying from an invoice or transferring individual payments. It also means no awkward phone calls from us about overdue invoices! By automating this process, we can focus on the things that matter: you.
*Will I receive a copy of the signed contract?*

Yes, you'll receive a copy as soon as you accept the proposal. We will store one on file if you ever misplace it.


Kind regards,

{{ client.partner_name }}
*{{ practice.name }}*
*P:* contact number here
*E:* [email protected]
*W:* "website":url link

If you're on a Professional or Scale package then you'll also be able to click on '+ New Message Template' to set up different emails for different scenarios. A common example here might be to have a different email for a new client vs an existing client being re-engaged.

When you're happy to keep going, there's just one final (and optional) step to complete account setup & customisation!

Library 6a: Using workflow integrations - Xero Practice Manager (10 mins per service)

Library 6b: Using workflow integrations - Karbon (10 mins per service)

And if you don't need one of these integrations, then your account is now ready to use. Time to create your first proposal!

Proposals 1: Creating a new proposal (2 clicks)

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