When editing a proposal in Practice Ignition you'll want to work through the 6 tabs of settings. Don't worry - the vast majority of the work is done in the first 2 tabs and this is a very simple process.

The General tab is up first and controls the overarching proposal settings. Here's a run-through of the settings in this tab;

Proposal Name - a purely internal (client's won't see it) name for the proposal to make it easy to identify what the proposal is for. Common examples might be 'Small package' or 'FY 19 annual accounts'.

Client - which client the proposal is for

Contact - the contact within the client entity who'll receive, and sign, the proposal

Proposal Start Date / End Date - the start and end of the period covered by the engagement.
Directly below these two fields are a number of blue boxes containing shortcut date ranges to help you set these more easily.
Note: While an end date is mandatory, proposals with Continue Recurring Billing enabled or without Recurring billed services will ignore it

Continuous Recurring Billing - enabling this will cause Recurring billing services to continue to invoice and collect payments until you choose to complete or adjust the proposal, essentially ignoring the End Date

Recurring Period - whether Recurring services will recur (and invoice & collect) on a weekly or monthly basis

Recurring Invoice Day - if the Recurring Period is monthly this allows you to set what day of the month the invoicing & collection process starts

Use New Accept Design - governs whether you want to use the new PI proposal design. The new design is laid out to provide a better client experience and also allows additional functionality (such as the two settings below)

Show Service Prices - controls if you'd like the proposal to show the price breakdown per service or to package the prices together.
Eg: if you'd like the client to see $500 per month for bookkeeping, quarterly reporting, Xero subscription & annual financials or $500 per month made up of $250 for bookkeeping, $100 for quarterly reporting, $60 for Xero subscription & $90 for annual financials.
Tip: we suggest leaving this disabled as it makes the proposal much simpler and tends to avoid haggling/conversations around specific service inclusions

Attached Brochure - allows you to attach a PDF brochure to your proposal, putting your best foot forwards and adding more branding & context to your proposals.

The General tab contains far more settings than any other, so now you're through the big one and it's on to the rest!

Proposals 3: Services (and XPM job settings) (2 mins)

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