By now you should be comfortable creating & sending out proposals. The next (and final) step of implementing PI is to get proposals out to all of your clients, bringing all your engagement data into the one place and automation all of your payment collection.

Rather than having to create proposals 1 by 1 for every client, Practice Ignition can help you by performing what we call a Bulk Kick Off.

How a Bulk Kick Off works

A BKO is done by first creating some template proposals, and then we can replicate those for you across your client base.

To simplify this, let's break it down into simple steps;

1) Creating proposal templates
Firstly, think about your client base. While some clients may not, it's likely that most of your clients can be placed into buckets with very similar, or identical, engagements.
Common examples: Small/Medium/Large packages, STP Authorities, Individual tax returns, SMSF clients

Once you've identified these different proposal types, create a proposal for each one. This is done exactly the same as normal proposal creation, however often they're created for a demo/dummy client. In your account you should have one already called Space Ranger.

2) Get your client list in a spreadsheet
In your PI account, jump into the Clients tab on the left hand menu.
If your account is integrate to XPM then your full client list will be already in PI and you can export them to a spreadsheet by hitting Export at the top right.
If you aren't using XPM then you can hit Import at the top right and click on client import template to download a spreadsheet that you can add your client details to

3) Add the proposal template details to the spreadsheet
In the spreadsheet with your client details add in a column on the right of the other columns for Proposal. Within this column add in the Proposal ID for the template proposal each client will receive. You can see the Proposal ID by going to the Proposals tab and it'll be to the left of the proposal name;

4) Email us the spreadsheet
Once that's done simply email the spreadsheet to [email protected] and within 2 business days all those proposals will be created for you as draft proposals to edit, review & send out.

Blast off! Now you're fully equipped to implement PI for your whole business and reap the rewards!

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