First payment for your Practice Ignition account

Please note: The very first time you accept a payment through your Practice Ignition account, we will require 7 business days to perform checks to verify your business. This initial verification timeline applies whether your client pays via direct debit or credit card. 

You can still accept payments from clients at this stage, but disbursals to your bank account will be held until your business has passed verification. 

Practice Ignition reserves the right to decline payment processing for any business - and will return any collections to your customers account should your business fail verification.

Note: Please ensure that you enter all your verification details in correctly when setting up payments in your account!

Supported regions and clearing times for payments

Practice Ignition provides facilities for credit card or bank account payment collection across various regions. Read on below for the list of supported regions. You can view your region's associated transaction fees here.

To be approved for payment collections within a region, you must have a trading entity and bank account created in that region. All collections will be made in the currency of that region, and Practice Ignition does not accommodate multi-currency collections.

Credit card collections

Practice Ignition supports collections from major credit cards in the following regions:

  • Australia*

  • New Zealand

  • USA

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

Clearing times for all regions are 2 business days for credit card payments.

*Please note: American Express, Discover & Diners Club credit cards may not be supported in your account in Australia.

Bank account collections

Practice Ignition supports collections from bank accounts in the following regions:

  • Australia - 6 business days (T+5) for funds to clear

  • USA - 6 business days* (T+5) for funds to clear

  • United Kingdom and Northern Ireland - 6 business days* (T+5) for funds to clear

*First payment made by a client from their bank account may take longer - see below.

First bank account payment by a client in the USA or UK

Please note for the USA and and United Kingdom the first payment made by a client from a particular bank account will be subject to an additional confirmation process required by regulation in those regions:

Your region is not supported?

We have a goal to reach equality in payments support across all of Practice Ignitions major regions and are working hard with our third party provider to accommodate more regions. 

As you can appreciate banking legislation is complex and it can take some time to navigate these systems and also be compliant with regulations, so we are often not able to provide a timeline for when we will be likely to accommodate your region.

If you have any questions or comments, you can speak to your assigned Account Manager or reach out to our Support team at [email protected] 

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