If you are connecting Xero Practice Manager (XPM) to Practice Ignition (PI), we highly recommend that you add all of your employees in both systems and link them.

Why connect your users?

When you connect your XPM and PI users, you'll gain the following efficiencies within the integration:

The ability to assign partners and managers to clients.

When you create a new client in PI (or XPM), you can assign a Partner and a Manager. When a proposal is accepted, any jobs deployed will be automatically assigned to the partner and manager. 

The good news is Partner and Manager assignments are synced both ways. So if you have chosen to create all new clients in XPM first and then sync to PI, or you create your new clients in PI and have them created in XPM when jobs are deployed, the assigned Partner and Manager will be applied automatically! Note, this will only happen if you sync the users between the two systems.

The ability to shortlist your staff for task allocation

When setting up your jobs in Practice ignition, you can choose to assign one or more staff members to the job. When the job is deployed and it's time for the job manager to allocate tasks to the staff member, the manager will only be able to allocate tasks to the staff assigned to the job! If you have lots of staff, or have specific staff members for specific types of jobs, this can save you lots of time.

The ability to filter your proposals by Partner or Manager 

Consistently adding a partner or manager to all of your clients means that you enhance your ability to filter your proposals. It will also allow you to be more specific about the data that you export as a CSV from the proposals screen

How to sync your users

Creation of existing PI users in XPM:

Practice Ignition will create a new XPM user 24 hours after adding the new PI user if:

  • There is no existing XPM user with the same email address

  • The new PI user is/was not mapped to any XPM users

Practice Ignition will not create a new XPM user if:

  • There is already an XPM user with the same email address - if this is the case then the you only need to map the PI user to this existing XPM user with the same email.

  • If the new PI user is immediately mapped (manually) to an existing XPM user (regardless if email address is the same or not) before it gets the chance to sync/create in XPM (24 hour sync interval - window).

Mapping of new Practice Ignition users to existing XPM users:

To select users from XPM to import as users to PI, go to Settings > Team > Add User and select them from the XPM user linking dropdown (see screenshot below). If you don't want specific users to have access to PI, simply switch off the Send Invitation toggle before saving the user.

If your user already exists in Practice Ignition: Simply select the correct user in the XPM User linking dropdown and Save User.

If your user does not show up in the XPM User Linking dropdown: This usually means that they either have not been set up as a user in XPM or they are already linked to a user in PI. 

If they have not been added in XPM, first, add them as a user in your XPM account, then go into your PI account and navigate to the apps tab. Click on the sync button to bring across your new users. If they don't show up in the drop down immediately, be patient. The sync may take some time to complete (results will vary based on time of day). 

If they are present in XPM and not in PI, this means they are linked to a user already. Check for a user in PI with the same email - if you cannot find one, it may be the user has been deleted. Contact our support team and they can recover a deleted user to your account.

Please note: users are linked in both systems by email and will need to have the same email in both XPM and PI.

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