When price changes happen, you need an easy way to update service prices in bulk across your all existing engagements.

If you need to update a singular active proposal, you can adjust a proposal to make these price changes. 

However, if you need to bulk update recurring services to a large number of active proposals, we've released a simple process in order to help you achieve this.

Please note that by going through the below process, your clients will NOT be notified of price changes. So we encourage you to communicate early and clearly before you proceed.

How to submit a bulk price change request

Note: This process is only for bulk price changes for services using the recurring billing type on active proposals.

1. Contact our support team by clicking the bottom right hand widget below or by emailing [email protected] (Alternatively, contact your assigned Customer Success Manager or Account Manager). 

In your email, please provide the following details:

  • EXACT service names that you would like to make price changes to
  • New prices  (excluding tax, to the nearest 2 decimal points)
  • Written confirmation of these changes (for auditing reasons)
  • Reason for the price changes

Please copy and paste the example email template below and make changes to this before sending this to our team. 


Hi team,

I would like to make a bulk price-change request to my services noted in this email. I am confirming the new prices as shown below on behalf of the firm.

  • Bookkeeping Services: (Up to 100 transactions) - $255
  • Accounting Services: Basic Company Accounting - $410
  • Payroll Services - Fortnightly Payroll (Up to 10 Employees) - $220

The reason for these changes is due to the recent Xero/QBO subscription increases.

David Copperfield

2. You will receive a reply with a CSV file from the team who will ask to confirm your prices on all of your active proposals. It will look like the following: 

If you would like to exclude any proposals from the list, please download the CSV file and delete any rows of your choice. Then, attach the new CSV file in a reply to our team noting these changes.


Hi team,

Thank you for sending through. I have removed a few rows and have attached the final updated file to this email.

Confirming that I have reviewed the CSV file and would like to proceed.

David Copperfield

Otherwise if you are happy with the CSV file and do not want to make any further changes, please send through a simple reply confirming this. 


Hi team,

Thank you for sending through. 

I am confirming that I have reviewed the CSV file and would like to proceed.

David Copperfield

3. Once the Practice Ignition team receives the confirmation, we will action this and process the bulk price change! 

The price changes will take effect on your proposals next billing date. 

Please allow between 3-5 business days for this to take effect.

You can start a brand new conversation using the widget in the bottom right hand corner of this page to begin making a bulk price change request!

Alternatively, get in touch with our Support team  ([email protected]) to get a head-start on bulk changes to your service prices in Practice Ignition!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I update my prices in proposals which have continuous recurring billing turned on?

A: Yes, you are able to update prices if you have CRB turned on. They will continue to bill after the proposal's end date. Similarly if CRB is turned off on a proposal, the billing will stop after the proposal's end date.

Q: If we do the bulk price change on the day of the proposal's rollover period, will the price changes take effect from that day? Or will it change from the next billing date?

A: The changes will take effect from the next billing date. Recurring billing occurs at midnight on the billing day, meaning that if you'd like to make price changes to a proposals that will be billed on the 8th, you will need to submit a request at least a day before on the 7th.

Q: Why hasn't my proposal with recurring services that have greater than one quantity changed prices after going through this process? (e.g. Qty 2) 

A: We currently do not support bulk price changes on proposals which contain services which are greater than one in quantity. In this scenario, you can adjust a proposal to make these changes.

Q: Do I need to update my engagement letter to note the firms ability to change prices in the future?

A: Yes, it is always good practice to stipulate a paragraph in your terms in regards to price changes. However, you should always consult your lawyer or professional association before making changes to your terms and conditions.

Q: What are some other use cases and specific examples of using this request tool?

A: Uses and specific examples include:

  • Increases in yearly packages due to CPI (Consumer Price Index)
  • Changes to vendor prices (e.g. cloud accounting subscriptions, workflow software subscriptions...etc)
  • If you are billing a large number of clients who have the same service prices
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