Times of uncertainty means that things will have to change. As a professional service provider, you may need to change the engagement you have in place with your clients. As a user of Practice Ignition, we’d like to share with you some ideas about how you can help your clients right now (and how to make those changes quickly and easily in your PI account).

Let’s imagine that you’ve decided to decrease (or increase) the price of a specific service, and you want to make that adjustment without burdening the client with another proposal to sign.

When price changes happen, you need an easy way to update service prices in bulk across your all existing engagements.

If you need to update a singular active proposal, you can adjust a proposal to make these price changes. 

However, if you need to bulk update recurring services to a large number of active proposals, we've released a simple process in order to help you achieve this.

Please note that by going through the below process, your clients will NOT be notified of price changes. So we encourage you to communicate early and clearly before you proceed.

How to submit a bulk price change request

Note: This process is only for bulk price changes for services using the recurring billing type on active proposals.

Simply follow the full instructions laid out in this article below!


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