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This tab is where we add services to your proposal! This article will give you an overview of how to fill in this section and link you to more specific articles for further information on different components of the services step.

Before adding services, you will want to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What services will we need to provide? These will be what you select from your Service Library
  2. When should we bill for these services? We will want to create Billing Rules that reflect these e.g., recurring monthly, one time on acceptance etc
  3. How should we price our services? We will want to select Price Types that match these - e.g., priced as a fixed fee or a variable fee etc

Once you have a good idea of the answers to these questions - you can start to fill in the services section!

Adding services to a proposal

When filling in this section, it is useful to think through each type of billing you will need to add sequentially.

For instance, are there services you will charge for one time on acceptance of the proposal? Are there services you will charge for every month? Every quarter etc etc.

You can use the Billing Rule helpers (see below) to get you started with your first Service Group.

Note: A Service Group is a group of services that all follow the same type of billing e.g., monthly. You can define as many Service Groups as you want in a proposal.

Consider the below general process to follow when building out your proposal services section:

  1. Create a new Service Group and customize the Billing Rules to your preference. Tip: Use the recurring and one time billing helpers to get you started.
  2. Add all Services that will be billed in this way to the Service Group.
    Remember, all services in a Service Group follow the same Billing Rule.
  3. Select a Price Type and Price for each service.
    Note: By default, services will be added as a fixed Price Type - select another Price Type if you will be using a Variable price.
  4. Repeat Step 1-3 until you have completed adding all of the services you will provide for that client

Note on optional elements of the services section:

There are a few other elements you can optionally use in the services screen:

  • Optionally use Projects to break up your Service Groups under headings to clarify different areas or Phases of work for clients - e.g., initial set-up work vs ongoing work.
  • Optionally use Manual Billing Mode for a Fixed Price Type service to not automatically raise an invoice when a Billing Rule condition is met for that service. You will have to confirm this in Practice Ignition before it will be billed.

Lets see an example

Let's walk through an example of how to build out services together below.

Our firm, Growth Accounting, has recently met with Jim from Canoe Coffee Co.
We will be providing the services below and are about to send him a proposal:

  • Rescue work billed one time, on completion ($90 per hour)
  • Payroll service every two weeks ($20 per employee)
  • Bookkeeping service every month ($180 fixed fee)
  • Cloud Software Subscription every month ($50 fixed fee)

You can watch this 11 minute video demonstration, or you can scroll down and read the detailed steps!

Let's begin with the first service.

Rescue work

Rescue work billed one time, on completion ($90 per hour)

We'll click the On Completion button under One Time billing. This creates a new service group with an associated billing rule.

We will then add the "Rescue Work" service from our service library.

The Billing Rule buttons help you to add service groups quickly, but they may not accurately reflect WHEN you would like to bill for a service. In this case, we can use the Edit Billing Rules button to further customize the Billing Rule.

For instance, when selecting "One time billing: On Completion" the Billing Rule will be set to a date corresponding to the last day of the minimum term of the proposal.

However, in this example, we estimate the work won't take that long and that we will be finished with the work by 30 June 2020.

We can edit the billing rules accordingly:

Now that we've covered off WHAT the service is and WHEN we would like to bill, we want to look at HOW this will be billed - either setting this as a fixed price type or a variable price type.

Because we want to charge hourly for the Rescue work, we'll need to change the Price Type to a Variable Unit and set the Price to $90 per hour:

Now, we're finished with this service!

As this is the only service we will be billing in this way, we will need to select a new service group for the next service.


Payroll Service every two weeks ($20 per employee)

Now, let's add a new recurring service group to define the the Payroll service as it is billed differently to the Rescue work.

We'll also be editing the new rule to be Recurring every two weeks.

Now, let's add the Payroll service in.

Because we want to charge $20 per employee for the Payroll service, we'll need to change the Price Type to a Variable Unit - per employee and set the Price to $20 per employee:

Now, the Payroll service is finished!

Bookkeeping service

Bookkeeping service every month ($180 fixed fee)

We currently don't have a Billing Rule that is on a recurring monthly frequency, so we'll need to create a new one by using the recurring billing helper.

Then, we'll add the Bookkeeping service in and set the Price Type to Fixed, ensuring that the price is at $180.

The Billing Rule and Service Group should look like this:

Now, we're done with this service!

Cloud Software Subscription

Cloud Software Subscription every month ($50 fixed fee)

Now for the final service! Notice how the Cloud Software Subscription is billed on a recurring monthly basis.

We've already created a recurring monthly Billing Rule for the Bookkeeping service. This means that we can add the Cloud Software Subscription service to the same service group, as they will be billed the same way - i.e. every month.

Now we need to ensure that the Price Type is set to Fixed and entering the correct price at $50.

Once you're done, the service group should look like this:

And we're done! We've now built a proposal that accurately depicts the below services for Jim from Canoe Coffee Co.

  • Rescue work billed one time, on completion ($90 per hour)
  • Payroll service every two weeks ($20 per employee)
  • Bookkeeping service every month ($180 fixed fee)
  • Cloud Software Subscription every month ($50 fixed fee)

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