PLEASE NOTE: This article documents specific functionality on our new Flexible Proposal Editor (BETA). Please read this article for more information!

The Presentation tab allows you to customize and preview the presentation of the proposal to your client.

Accept Page Presentation

Here, you have the options to:

  • Select a user for communications to appear from
  • Add a personalised message
  • Attach an introduction video (only on Professional or Scale plans)
  • Attach a brochure (if you are on our Professional or Scale plans, your default brochure will be automatically attached)
  • Edit settings for how your proposal will display for clients - e.g., show or hide service prices

Show service prices display setting

Enable this setting to show line item prices for each service on the client acceptance page. Use this if you want to show how services contribute to a headline price.

Hide date for one time services display setting

Enable this setting to show all one time services as on completion (this excludes any on acceptance services).

Use this if you do not want to show specific dates for one time billings. However, from an admin perspective, these dates will still be used to remind you when clients are due for billing.

Show Minimum Value display setting

When enabled, your clients will see the minimum value of the proposal over the term of the engagement.

The right hand side of the page shows you a dynamic preview of the proposal that will change depending on the options that you choose in the proposal.

If you would like to preview this from the clients perspective, simply click the blue Preview Client Experience button in the top right hand corner.

This opens up a new page where you can click through from your client's perspective, giving you full confidence that your client will see what you see when you send the proposal!

Note: Your clients can also view the proposal on their mobile - see below.

Confirmation and Next Steps

Please note: This section applies if you are on our Professional or Scale plans!

Here, you can add a Next Steps Video to your proposal which will be shown after the proposal has been accepted.

Similarly, you will see a preview of this on the right hand side once you add a video.

If you want to start using this feature but don't know where to start, click this article for some tips and tricks!

Delivery Channel

If you are on one of our Professional or Scale plans, you also have the option selecting the specific proposal email notification template of your choice (only if you have created these in your Template Library). This is the email that your client receives with the link to view their proposal.

Similarly, you will see a preview of the notification email on the right hand side that your client will receive.

You also have the ability to email a copy of the proposal notification email (via cc) as well.

Once we're happy with the presentation, we can go ahead and send the proposal.

The client's perspective

You should by now have the confidence that your proposal will look exactly like the way you want it to, so we encourage you to send the proposal out to your client.

Once the proposal is sent, you can click Client proposal view which will open the live proposal that has been sent. Alternatively,

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