PLEASE NOTE: This article documents specific functionality on our New Proposal Editor (BETA). Please read this article for more information!

In the classic proposal editor, we have a number of different placeholders that you can use in your terms document that will dynamically populate depending on the specific client and the services that are linked to the proposal.

Please note, that in the New Proposal Editor experience, we have deprecated a number of proposal specific placeholders.

This is because we have improved the PDF experience to ensure it will always included the relevant content from these placeholders. This means you will always have a compliant PDF document including scope, pricing and service terms even without these placeholders in your terms.

It's important to note that all of the placeholders will continue to work as intended in the classic proposal editor.

But if you are using the FPE, the depreciated placeholders will not display any values (it will be blank) if you have these within your terms documents.

List of supported placeholders

We will continue to support all proposal placeholders listed below.

We will also continue to support all placeholders specific to client , contact and practice specific placeholders (i.e., all placeholders starting with client, contact or practice).

Supported proposal placeholders include:

  • {{ proposal.end_date }}
  • {{ proposal.commencement_date }}
  • {{ proposal.sent_date }}
  • {{ proposal.total_cost }} (changed: outputs the minimum contract value)
  • {{ proposal.sender_name }}
  • {{ proposal.sender_email }}
  • {{ proposal.acceptance_date }}
  • {{ proposal.accept_link }}
  • {{ proposal.accept_proposal_message }}
  • {{ proposal.message_text }}
  • {{ pdf_url }}
  • {{ accept_url }}
  • {{ payment_verification_message }}

List of unsupported placeholders

We will no longer support the following proposal placeholders as the relevant information is automatically included in the proposal PDF:

  • {{ proposal.price_summary }}
  • {{ proposal.service_summary }}
  • {{ proposal.details_table }}
  • {{ proposal.service_terms }}

We will no longer support the following proposal placeholders as the New Proposal editor no longer has these concepts (e.g., billing types have been replaced by billing rules):

  • {{ proposal.on_acceptance }}
  • {{ proposal.on_completion }}
  • {{ proposal.recurring }}
  • {{ proposal.bill_day }}
  • {{ proposal.fiscal_period_end }}

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