How to invoice a client immediately

In the new Client Billing Schedule tab, there's a slightly different flow but it should feel familiar if you were using Practice Ignition already.

Previously, you would have to go into a specific client's proposal → Invoices & Payments tab → Invoice client now button.

Now, it's a simple three step process:

  1. Jump into a specific client → Billing Schedule tab.
  2. Select the relevant billing items within the Billed Manually section and press the Invoice button.
  3. Review the price and quantities of your billing items and press Review Invoice.
  4. Press Proceed and Invoice upon confirmation to raise the invoice!

Once you're done, the billing items will disappear from the Billed Manually section and appear as an invoice within the Invoices tab as we have just issued this.

Remember: The Billed Manually section in your clients Billing Schedule tab contains all of your On Completion and Estimate services that need to be billed.

Scheduling an invoice for the future

Alternatively, you can also schedule billing items to be invoiced at a later date!

This is a new feature so you never forget to invoice a client again.

  1. Jump into a specific client > Billing Schedule tab
  2. Select some billing items in the Billed Manually section and click the Schedule button.
  3. Review the price, quantities and select a specific future date that you'd like this to be invoiced on (top right hand corner)
  4. Press Review Invoice when you are ready and then press Proceed and Invoice when you have finished reviewing.

When you are done, the billing items will move from the Billed Manually section down to the Billed Automatically section. Once that date arrives, Practice Ignition will automatically raise that invoice.

Remember: The Billed Automatically section in your clients Billing Schedule tab contains all of your Recurring services as well as your scheduled invoices that will be raised on those dates in the future

Please note that a billing item will only be consolidated into a billing group under these conditions:

  • The billing items must derive from the same proposal
  • The billing items must be billed with the same payment method.

Invoicing pro-tips

Fractional Billing

We now have the ability to specify fractional quantities when invoicing!

This is great if your practice needs flexibility when billing partial hours or billing a fraction of the daily rate for more accuracy.

In the example below, we simply need to use a decimal point and the system will calculate this automatically when the invoice is raised!

Discounts upon invoicing

We now have the ability to offer a discount at the time of invoicing should you choose or need to do this for a client!

In the invoice slider, simply add the dollar amount that you would like to discount in the Discounts field.


Why can't I see any billing items in the Billed Manually section?

Only Active proposals will generate billing items - which means if a proposal is Complete, any linked billing items will be removed in the Billing Schedule.

If you have Completed proposals and wish to invoice any On Completion or Estimated billing items, you will need to move them to an Active status in order to generate the billing items.

You can then complete the proposal immediately after.

Pro-tip: Use this proposal filter which displays a list of all proposals in all states which have unbilled items.

From this list, you can move any Completed proposals to Active, invoice all the items and then move the proposals back to a Completed status.

If you are experiencing any issues, reach out to our Support team at [email protected] and we can take a look for you!

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