What is the Services tab?

If you are using our New Proposal Editor, you will find that there is a tab under the client view, called Services.

Please note: Currently, only services created from New Proposals are shown in this view, however, we plan to show services created from Classic Proposals in the future.

The Services tab lists any agreed services that are active which was created from a New Proposal.

An Active Service is one that is either:

  1. Still billing and has associated items in the Billing Schedule

  2. Still within its contracted period. This is calculated from the minimum contracted date when creating a New Proposal.

What information can I see?

If you click into a service on the list, you will be able to view the agreed Scope, Schedule of billings and Audit trail of the specific service.

You will also be able to end the service if you wish.

Inactive services

Once a service passes its minimum contracted date and no longer has any future billings, it will become inactive. A service will also become inactive if you have taken the action to end that service.

You can view inactive services by toggling this on and off on the right hand side of the Services tab.

You can still view all the original details of an agreed service that is inactive, however you cannot re-activate it - you will have to create a New Proposal and get it accepted.

Ending services

There are two ways of ending services, depending on whether you have Classic Proposals or New Proposals.

Please see this article for more detail.

Expiry and Renewal dates for services

For each service listed, you will see the expiry or renewal date for that service:

  1. "Expires on" means that that service will expire (become inactive) on that date as it will have no billings scheduled after that date

  2. "Due for renewal" means that that the service has billing scheduled after the minimum contracted date and will continue to remain active but you may wish to consider reviewing it

  3. "Expired on" means that this service expired on that date

An "expiring soon" indicator will be shown if a service is within one month of its minimum contracted date.

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