The New Proposal Editor is generally available in the US and Canada. Customers in other markets (including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa) are welcome to join our public beta program by contacting their account manager or opting in via Settings → Proposal Settings → Proposal Editor Experience (from 23 November). Note our New Proposal Editor doesn’t currently support Xero Practice Manager but we’re improving functionality all the time.

This page contains our list of features that are currently available and not available on the New Proposal Editor.

Just because a feature is not yet available, doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future, so make sure to stay informed and check back with us!

Features currently available

  • Autosaving proposals - NEW!
  • Billing rules for more control over billing e.g., quarterly billing - NEW!
  • Unit-based billing e.g., by employee, day etc - NEW!
  • Proposal options (on Professional and Scale plans only) - NEW!
  • Clearer proposal contract times, separated from billing start times - NEW!
  • Live previews of the client experience as you create a proposal - NEW!
  • A new proposal email experience to drive click through to proposals - NEW!
  • A new PDF experience that better reflects the acceptance experience - NEW!
  • A new client services view to see accepted services in one place - NEW!
  • Zapier workflow integration - Supported
  • Karbon workflow integration - Supported
  • Intuit Practice Manager workflow integration - Supported
  • Proposal short links - Supported

Features currently under development

  • Xero Practice Manager workflow integration
  • Enabling and updating payment methods on existing proposals
  • Deposit billing
  • Bulk creation of New Proposals
  • Marking a proposal In-Review
  • Proposal rollovers
  • Proposal adjustments
  • Exporting proposals
  • Conversations and notes on proposals

What workflows have changed?

  • A small number of placeholders are no longer supported - see why here
  • Completing a proposal. This is done differently - see how here
  • Viewing proposals is now done from the client list - see how here

What are you working on right now?

Our top priority is supporting our XPM integration on new proposals.

We are also looking at ways to more easily manage and update payment methods on clients.

As our XPM Integration is coming with a complete rebuild and new and improved functionality, this will take a bit longer.

We plan to support more job fields - like categories & budget - as well as improve visibility and job management post proposal acceptance with a workflow view available at the client level.

Is the New Proposal Editor right for me?

Before speaking with your Customer Success or Account Manager, please first carefully consider the above lists to determine whether the New Proposal Editor is right for you.

If you absolutely need certain features (proposal deposits, adjustments...etc) and they are crucial to your workflow, then we suggest that you can utilize both the Classic Proposal Editor in conjunction with the the New Proposal Editor.

Please note that you can still continue to use the Classic Proposal Editor after opting into the New Proposal Editor.

Our product team may reach out to you for research and development purposes. We are continually making improvements to our New Proposal Editor over time and appreciate your feedback and patience!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions by starting a conversation in the bottom-right hand corner widget on this page, or alternatively email us at [email protected]!

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