The New Proposal Editor is generally available in the US and Canada. Customers in other markets (including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa) are welcome to join our public beta program by logging in as an administrator and opting in via Settings → Proposal Settings → Proposal Editor Experience. Note our New Proposal Editor doesn’t currently support Xero Practice Manager but we’re improving functionality all the time.

Zapier is now supported on the New Proposal Editor!

There are some important differences in the way that Zapier functions within classic proposals and new proposals which this article will address.

Proposal State Changed Trigger

The Proposal State Changed trigger is currently not supported for New Proposals.

We are currently examining a cleaner way of defining different and dedicated triggers for each state change (Draft, Awaiting Acceptance, Accepted, Lost...etc) rather than collectively grouping them altogether under one trigger.

Please stay tuned for more details as we continue developments!

Service Accepted by Client Trigger

There are some new fields that have been added to the Service Accepted by Client trigger, which are listed below:

  • Start Billing
  • End Billing
  • Recurring Period

Start Billing = The date in which the service will start to be billed. There will always be a date provided for this field.

End Billing = The date in which the service will stop being billed. This will be blank if continuous billing is enabled or if a one time billing frequency is being used.

Recurring Period = How often the service is billed. This will be blank if a one time billing frequency is being used. Examples include every week, every 2 weeks, every month, every quarter...etc

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