Please note that this feature is in a BETA. There are some
aspects of functionality currently being researched & developed.

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How to opt-in to the XPM Workflow BETA

Join the XPM workflow beta program to get early access.

If you’re an admin user, head to Settings → Labs and turn on Enable XPM with New Proposal Editor.

The Workflow Wizard

When you reach the Automation step in the NPE, you will be greeted with a wizard.

You can select how you’d like to structure this proposal:

  • One workflow per proposal (select this to create 1 job in XPM - recommended!)

  • One workflow per project (select this to create multiple jobs in XPM)

General Settings

In the General Settings section, you will be able to:

  • Enter a custom Job Name & Job Description

  • Select a Job Category and set a Job Budget (NEW!)

  • Select the Partner and Manager for this workflow

  • Select the Staff members to be assigned

Please note that the Job Name and Job Description will be automatically populated with your proposal name and list of services in the proposal, respectively. However, you can change this at your discretion!

Job Category and Job Budget

  • The Job Category field allows you to group different jobs together for more detailed reporting.

  • The Job Budget field allows you to set a simple estimate or budget for the job from Practice Ignition which eliminates a manual step after the job has been created.


In the templates section, these should already be populated providing that you have linked your Practice Ignition service templates to your XPM job templates.

Click here to learn how to do this!

Here, we now have the ability to:

  • Add job templates

  • Remove job templates

There is also a smart info box which suggests any missed templates based on the services that is currently within the proposal.

Clicking any of those templates will automatically add them to the Workflow Templates field.

Automatically deploy workflows

With this toggle, you have option to choose whether workflows are deployed automatically by the system (once the proposal is accepted) or deployed manually on a proposal-by-proposal basis.

This setting currently defaults to ON.

If togged ON, then workflow will be deployed automatically once the proposal is accepted.

If toggled OFF, then workflow will NOT be deployed automatically. You will need to manually deploy workflow in the client’s Workflow tab.

Click here to learn how to do this in the Workflow tab!


This section allows you to set the job recurrence - either One Time or Recurring, as well as any delays and the total job duration.

This is very similar to the function of a Billing Rule in the Services step.

📣 Please note that recurring jobs are only created the day before they start.

This means that you will have much clearer visibility and clarity over which job to begin and assign next.

Practice Ignition will create the current or next job, plus 1 more job in the future.

Billing Jobs (under development)

Please note that during the initial release of the BETA program, we do not have billing job functionality - meaning that Xero invoices generated by Practice Ignition will not be allocated to a job.

We are aware that this is an important and useful function - this feature is currently under development and will be released shortly in the future as we acquire more research and feedback! We appreciate your patience.

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