Creating services in the New Proposal Editor

If you find yourself in the New Proposal Editor and realise that you need to add a service that doesn’t yet exist in your service library, you can now create the service and add it to BOTH your library and the proposal without leaving the editor!

How to create services within the New Proposal Editor

Please note: Only Administrator users can create new services within the editor.

When you are creating a New Proposal, navigate to the Services step.

Start typing the new Service Name that you would like to create and add to your service library and proposal.

Once you are done, either hit enter on your keyboard or click the Create SERVICE NAME option in the drop down menu.

Next, a slider will appear where you’ll need to add a Service Description and Value as the minimum required fields. Remember to choose the correct Price Type as well!

If you like, you can also customize the Tax Rate and add Service Terms as needed.

If you have a general ledger connected to your Practice Ignition account, you can navigate to the Apps tab and select a Sales Account mapping for your Xero or QBO connection.

If you have Xero Practice Manager (XPM) connected, a XPM Workflow Templates field will appear where you can link one or more XPM Workflow templates to this service.

Once you are done, click Save and the service will be added to your Service Library, as well as the service group in your proposal!

The next time you need to add this service to a proposal, it will be pre-populated with information from the Service template that you have just created.

Remember, you can always change the details of the service on a proposal by proposal basis!


Why can’t I create a service in my account?

The creating function is only available to Practice Ignition Administrators. Please contact your account administrator and make a request to add a service in the service library.

What plans is this feature available on?

The create service feature is available on all Practice Ignition plans. This is a feature in the New Proposal Editor!

I’m using QBO. Why can’t I find the tax exempt toggle?

The QBO Tax Exempt toggle is currently not available in the New Proposal Editor.

Can I edit services in my service library in the same way from within the New Proposal Editor?

We don’t have the functionality right now, but we are working on it! Stay tuned for more updates.

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