Practice Ignition and Gusto

Gusto is a payroll software solution for people advisory service providers.

Learn how you can sync Gusto company data and unlock proposal template content that will help you package, price and offer 3-tiered People Advisory services to your clients!

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Integrate with Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition is the world's first client engagement and commerce platform for accounting and bookkeeping firms. Practice Ignition transforms the way accountants and bookkeepers engage clients and get paid.

The platform helps you easily win new businesses with impressive digital proposals, engage new and existing clients with a clear scope of work, and get paid on time by automating payment collection - all in one place.

By connecting Practice Ignition to Gusto, you’ll be able to sync Gusto company data, and you’ll unlock proposal template content that will help you package, price and offer 3-tiered People Advisory services to your clients.

Connecting to Gusto

In order to connect to Gusto, navigate to the Apps page → Click on the Gusto tile.

Enter your Gusto login details in the pop-up window. Gusto will then ask you to select which companies you want to authorize.

You will be redirected back into Practice Ignition where Gusto will now be connected!

Please note: Gusto is only available on our Starter, Professional and Scale plans. If you have an older plan type, Gusto will not be visible on the Apps page.

Gusto client list

When you connect Gusto to Practice Ignition, your Gusto client list becomes available to use in Practice Ignition.

You will be able to select a client from Gusto in the drop down menu whilst creating a proposal.

After selecting a client from Gusto, you’ll see a new client record with data pre-filled from Gusto. You can then go ahead and save the client to your Practice Ignition client list. From now on, the client record will be linked to Gusto, and any changes to the company details in Gusto will flow back to Practice Ignition.

Mapping Practice Ignition and Gusto clients

If you have existing Practice Ignition clients that you would like to link to the equivalent company in Gusto, you can do this by editing the client record.

Go to the client record in Practice Ignition → Edit client → Apps section.

Here you can choose the Gusto company you want to map the client to. Once mapped, changes made in Gusto to the company details will flow back to Practice Ignition.

If you need to change which Gusto company a client is mapped to, you can also do this here.

Use the dropdown menu to map the client to the correct Gusto company. Remember to press Save Client when you are done!

Syncing of data

The Gusto integration, when connected, will sync data one way from Gusto to Practice Ignition only, on a daily basis. It is not currently possible for Practice Ignition to send updates back to Gusto.

This means we suggest making any client changes in Gusto and avoid changing any client details in Practice Ignition as they will be overwritten by the sync.

If you have updated any company details in Gusto and would like to sync the changes to Practice Ignition immediately, navigate to the Apps page → Gusto tile → click Sync.

You can choose the type of sync under Client Sync Settings:

  • All data (Changes to all company details in Gusto will flow back to Practice Ignition)

  • Client names only (Changes to the client name will flow back to Practice Ignition, but other changes made in Gusto will be ignored)

  • Nothing (No changes will flow back to Practice Ignition. You’ll still be able to use Gusto company details to create a new Practice Ignition client.)

Gusto Proposal Template

When Gusto is connected to your Practice Ignition account, you will automatically have access to a Provided Proposal Template, authored by Gusto.

The Gusto proposal template contains three options - Essential, Advanced and Premium (Recommended) for your client’s needs.

(Click the image below to enlarge)

Please note: The Gusto proposal template is a proposal that contains options, meaning the proposal can only be sent if you are on a Professional or Scale plan.

If you are on a Starter plan, you will need to remove the options on the proposal in order to send it. (Pro-tip: Keep the most appropriate option and remove the rest!)

If you’d like more advice on how to offer profitable People Advisory services at your firm, Gusto have developed a range of content including training programs which you can access here.

Smart Billing (Coming soon)

Normally, if you wish to price a service based on the current number of active employees (like Payroll services), you’ll need to check the employee count manually before issuing an accurate invoice.

Smart Billing (coming soon) means that Practice Ignition will fetch the current employee count automatically from Gusto whenever an invoice is issued.

This lets you automate your billing accurately and eliminates admin work!

Stay tuned for additional information.


My Gusto client records are not updating in Practice Ignition. Why?

You may have selected “Nothing” for the data between Gusto and Practice Ignition. Please check this setting and manually sync your Gusto connection again.

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