Xero is a beautiful accounting software that is an easy to use yet powerful cloud solution designed specifically for small to medium businesses. Connecting Xero to Practice Ignition allows you to automatically generate upfront and monthly recurring invoices in Xero upon acceptance of a proposal by your client.

For detailed instructions on how to connect to Xero, see our help article on Connecting to Xero.

You can also connect to Xero Practice Manager to allow Practice Ignition to import your client and prospect database, and automatically create jobs and push across client information into XPM. 

Data transfer between Practice Ignition and Xero

Practice Ignition does a one-way push of invoices to Xero, once a day, but this can also be pushed manually across by going into the Apps section, then by clicking the Sync button next to Xero.

The client's entity name is pushed across along with the invoice details, however the client's email address need to be manually entered once the invoice has been pushed across, but this only needs to be done once on the creation of the first invoice.

When creating a new client in Practice Ignition, you can ‘map’ the client entity name back to an existing entity in Xero so that any new invoices generated from Practice Ignition will link to that existing client. Otherwise they will be created as a new entity in Xero. If a new entity is created, their details are not pushed across to Xero until a proposal for that entity has been accepted through Practice Ignition.

When a client accepts a proposal through Practice Ignition, an invoice is pushed across from Practice Ignition to Xero, and each service line becomes a line item in the invoice. Upfront costs are generated in an invoice upon acceptance, and monthly recurring invoices will be created on the designated invoice date each month.

For more information about Xero, you can visit their website using this link.

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