Adding more details or updating your customer's profile has never been this easy. Practice Ignition allows you to make changes to your client whether it's for a single entry or in bulk!

How do I do this?

To edit a client's details, go to Clients on the left panel. Search for the client you wish to edit in the Search bar, then click on the client's name to open the record.

Once you are in the client record, you can click the Edit Client button which will open a slider on the right hand side.

From here you can edit the client's details. To see the client's salutation, addressee, mobile, and phone number, click the Show Additional Fields link.

To edit the Business Company number, TFN, website and address details, go to the Company tab within the client.

To see the system details for the client or to change who they are mapped to in Xero, go to the System tab, then click Click to Load Contacts, then choose who you want to link to from the drop down menu.

For Xero Users, you will see this screen: 

For QBO Users, you will see this screen: 

When you have finished editing, remember to click Save Client at the top.

Editing Clients in Bulk

You can now make changes to your clients in bulk by exporting and making changes to your current client record then importing them back into the system.

Below are the exact steps on how to do it:

1. Click the Export button to download the list on a spreadsheet.

2. You will notice that the spreadsheet file's Client ID column is populated. This is what tells the app about the existing entry and allows it to update/edit the client associated with the IDs instead of creating a new entry.

Once you've made the necessary changes, save the file, go to the Clients page in PI and click on Import Clients. You will get a slider from the right side - drag the CSV into the box provided to upload the file.

Once uploaded, click on Import Clients to start the import process, wait for it to complete, and you're done!

Note: You can can also update your client's payment details on this tab. Check out this article about Managing Client Payment Details for instructions on how to update the payment details.

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