Keeping track of your client status is essential in managing your practice. It allows you to decide and take certain actions like reaching out, following up and thanking them for their good business. The Clients tab will allow you to view each stage of your clients so that you can edit and update as necessary.

The Clients Tab

The Clients tab is split into 5 lists - All, Leads, Active, Completed, Lost, and Archived

  • All shows all of your clients in Practice Ignition
  • Leads shows all your clients who you may or may not have sent a proposal to but have not yet accepted any through Practice Ignition
  • Active shows your clients who have accepted a proposal through Practice Ignition and still have an active engagement with you
  • Completed shows your clients that have had an active agreement with you in the past that is now completed
  • Lost shows your clients that have proposals marked as lost
  • Archived shows all clients that you have deleted, although these can be easily reactivated if needed.
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