If you have an active recurring engagement with a client and would like to change your offering in the middle of the engagement, you can do so by adjusting the proposal.

This will create a child proposal and will keep the original proposal's start date. It simply allows you to make changes to the existing engagement without changing what was already started/completed. Practice Ignition will keep an archived version of all previous versions of the proposal which you can view but not edit so that you will always have an audit trail of what was changed.

Note: There are certain things you won't be able to change - the start date of the proposals, any invoices that have already been created, and any upfront jobs that have been created.

To do this, open the proposal you wish to work on and click Adjust Proposal.

This will create a child proposal with a locked start date. Apply the desired changes to your engagement and move forward like how you would when creating a new proposal. Once done with the adjustment, Save the proposal.

Like creating a new proposal, you will also have the same Action options - Mark For Review, Send to Client or Accept on Client's Behalf.

Once sent to the client, the original proposal will still run up until your client accepts the child proposal.

Tip: If you're editing an active proposal with a service billed on a monthly recurring basis, make sure to disable 'Pro Rata'. This will make sure that your client won't be billed for the months that they already paid for in the previous proposal.

Once the child proposal has been accepted, it will be set to active and supersede the original proposal.

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