Choosing 'On Completion' from the Billing Type when creating a proposal, allows you to choose when and how much you want to bill for a particular service. Used by itself, you can then invoice once, after you have completed the work. If you enable 'Deposit' you can also split this payment into 2 payments, one upfront and one on completion.

How Does Bill on Completion Work?

When adding a service to a proposal, select On Completion from the Billing Type drop down menu, then click the Save Service button and continue adding more services as necessary.

Deposits/Upfront Payments

If you wish to split this into 2 payments - Upfront and On Completion, turn on the 'Include Deposit' toggle and select what percentage of the total, you want to be due on acceptance.

Proposal Summary

Once the proposal has been saved, you will see it split into two lines, one part in On Acceptance, one in On Completion.

Note: We do not show the percentage, because the 'On Completion' part of the payment is still editable and after acceptance you can still change this amount.

Client Acceptance Summary

On the Client Acceptance page, your client will see the same layout in the Schedule.

Invoicing the Client

Please note: The new Client Billing Schedule is currently rolling out to all Practice Ignition customers. This will change the way that you invoice On Completion services. 

To identify whether your account is on the new Client Billing Schedule, click into any client file. If you can see the Billing Schedule and Invoices tab when you click into a client file, then please refer to this article. Otherwise, read on.

Clicking Invoice client now will bring out a slider from the right hand side with options for billing on completion.

If you have multiple items to be billed on completion they will show up as separate items. You can tick the services you want to bill each time, and also edit the amount to be invoiced. When you have made all the necessary adjustments, click Invoice Selected Services.

You will then be asked to confirm the invoice and if you're using PI Payments, you will also be asked if you wish to collect payment or not when the invoice is created.

Once you click 'Proceed and Invoice Client', you will be taken back to the proposal summary page, and you will see the invoice created within the invoice entry.

If you're using Xero or QBO, click the invoice number to see the invoice that has been generated by Practice Ignition in your accounting app.

Bill On Completion and Payments

If you have payments enabled, creating an invoice via bill on competition will automatically create an 'awaiting payment' invoice using your default terms for the due date. Eg. if your default invoice terms are set to immediately the bill on completion invoice will be raised and payment process will be triggered that day.

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