Our payments functionality is constantly being improved and our ability to cancel payments are currently limited. 

Cancelling future payments on an active proposal

To cancel any future recurring payments from being collected, simply mark the proposal as complete. Full details on this process are outlined here in our Completing or Cancelling a proposal article.

Cancelling payments not yet collected

If you have payment term delay - i.e., you don't collect payment immediately when an invoice is raised - the payment will be "scheduled" for collection.

You will can see these payments:

  1.  Under Payments > Collections > Pending Collections - where all scheduled payment collections will be shown
  2. On the Invoices & Payments tab of a proposal next to the invoice - where it will say "Collecting On" (if it has been collected this will be a hyperlink "Collected on")

You can cancel a scheduled payment on either of these screens. 

  1. On the Pending Collections screen, click on a payment and under Actions (in the top right) you can Cancel Collection
  2. On the Invoices & Payments tab of a proposal - go to the Cog Menu to the left of the invoice and you can Cancel Collection

Cancelling payments already in processing

Payments are sent to our payment provider immediately when they come up for collection and they cannot be canceled once they have been sent.

Consider offering a refund to your client outside of Practice Ignition or see our refund request policy here if you would like us to process a refund on your behalf.

Cancelling ACH payments for bank accounts that haven't been verified yet (USA Only) 

For users based in the USA, we are able to provide this as an in-app functionality for ACH payments given that the client's bank account has not yet been verified. This is because the actual collection will not start until the account has been verified.

You can either

  1. Open the proposal then click into the Invoices & Payments tab. You will see the invoice with the status Verifying.
  2. Click on the word Verifying and you will get a slider from the right. Click on Actions and then click on Delete.


  1. Go into Payments then into the Verifying tab.
  2. Click on a payment that you wish to delete and you will get a slider from the right. Click on Actions and then click on Delete.

This will permanently delete the payment and stop the collection process. It will also delete the queued verification email if it has not yet been sent to the client.

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