Xero HQ provides advisors with one central location where they can receive alerts about relevant activity from the whole of their client base.

Practice Ignition is now able to connect to Xero HQ. This means that activity that happens in Practice Ignition, such as proposals being accepted or payments failing to collect, can also be sent to your Xero HQ. You'll then see alerts from Practice Ignition alongside alerts from client Xero accounts and other Xero add-on products.

Important note

Most of the alerts that we send to Xero HQ require you to have Xero Practice Manager connected to Practice Ignition. We also require Xero HQ to be synced with XPM - if you have not already done this, please take a look at this Xero support article for instructions:

Importing clients from XPM into Xero HQ

How do I connect to Xero HQ?

To connect Xero HQ, go to "Apps". If you can't see Apps in the left hand menu, you'll need to have administrator permission added to your account. 

Click on Xero HQ and go through the connection process. Once that's done, you'll be taken back to the Apps page and Xero HQ will now be enabled:

What alerts will I receive in Xero HQ?

You'll receive an alert when one of the following actions occur:

A client accepts their first proposal

This alert is sent when a client accepts their first proposal through Practice Ignition. This alert is sent to all Xero HQ users, so you will see this even if you aren't subscribed to Xero HQ alerts for the particular client.

A client accepts their proposal

When a client accepts their proposal this alert will be sent to Xero HQ. The "View" link takes you back to the accepted proposal in Practice Ignition.

A client has commented on their proposal

When a client leaves a comment on a proposal, this alert will be sent to Xero HQ. The "View" button will take you to the proposal where you can reply.

A payment has failed to collect

If a payment fails to collect, you'll receive this alert. The "Re-schedule" link will take you directly to the relevant payment in Practice Ignition. You can then re-schedule collection for another time.

If payment collection is re-scheduled, this alert will automatically be deleted in Xero HQ.

A credit card is expiring soon

If a credit card is in use on an active proposal and is due to expire soon, you'll receive this alert. The "Update" link will take you to the payment settings for the relevant proposal, where you can update the payment method.

Switching to a new payment method in Practice Ignition will automatically delete this alert in Xero HQ.

Other alerts?

Are there other types of alert you'd like to see? Please let us know!

This is the first version of our integration with Xero HQ and we'd like to extend it with more alerts in future.

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