When creating and customizing your engagement letter templates, these are the placeholders that you can use:

{{ proposal.price_summary }}
- This will insert a table with a list of your services grouped by billing type and their prices. No summary included.

{{ proposal.service_summary }} - This will insert a table with a list of your jobs, the services within them, and the service descriptions. No price included.

{{ proposal.details_table }} - This will insert a table which shows the job names, service names, descriptions and also prices.

{{ proposal.service_terms }} - This will display the service terms of the included services.

{{ contact.addressee }}
- This will insert the name to whom this proposal is addressed to.
contact.name }} - This will insert your contact's full name.
{{ contact.salutation }} - Salutation for the contact.
{{ contact.email }} - shows the contact's email.

{{ client.address }}
- This will insert the client's company address.
{{ client.business_structure }} - This will show your client's business structure.
{{ client.company_number }} - This will insert the company number for the client (ABN, ACN, etc).
{{ client.phone_number }} - This will insert your client's phone number.
{{ client.group }} - This will insert the group the client belongs to.
{{ client.manager_name }} - This will insert the client manager's name.
{{ client.manager_email }} - This will insert the client manager's email address.
{{ client.manager_job_title }} - This will insert the client manager's job title.

{{ client.name }} - This will insert the client's full name.
{{ client.partner_name }} - This will insert the client partner's name.
{{ client.partner_email }} - This will insert the client partner's email address.
{{ client.partner_job_title }} - This will insert the client partner's job title
{{ client.postal_address }}
- This will insert the client's postal address.
{{ client.tax_number }}
- This will insert the tax number for the client

{{ client.update_payment_details_url }} - This inserts the link where you can add additional payment methods.

{{ practice.admin }}
- This will insert the name of the practice admin.
practice.name }} - This will insert your company name. This is useful for consistency and if you need to change it at any point, you simply change it in the company settings and all your templates will be updated.

{{ proposal.accept_link }}
- This will insert a link to accept the proposal.
{{ proposal.bill_day }} - This will show your company billing day
{{ proposal.commencement_date }} - This will insert the Proposal commencement date.
{{ proposal.commencement_date | date: "%Y" }} - Outputs the proposal's start date year.
{{ proposal.acceptance_date }} - shows a formatted acceptance date.
{{ proposal.end_date }} - This will insert the proposal end date.
{{ proposal.fiscal_period_end }} - This will insert the fiscal period end date.
{{ proposal.sent_date }}
- This inserts the date that the proposal was sent. Please note when you preview the proposal before sending, this will be blank.
{{ proposal.message_text }} - This will insert the custom message that you entered in the Personalized Message box on the proposal creation page.

{{ proposal.on_acceptance }} - This will insert the  total on acceptance value (includes pro-rata).
{{ proposal.on_completion }} - This will insert the estimated on completion amount.
{{ proposal.recurring }}
- This will insert the recurring amount.
{{ proposal.total_cost }}
- This will insert the total value or cost of the proposal.

Signed by: {{ signature.client }}
- Before the proposal is signed, it will display as a line like an unsigned document.

Once the proposal has been accepted, it will populate with the electronic signature.

{{ "INSERT YOUR NAME HERE" | signature }} - This will insert your Name as a signature. It can be replaced by any text or a placeholder. If you choose to use a placeholder, replace INSERT YOUR NAME HERE with the placeholder you wish to use without the brackets e.g. {{ client.partner_name | signature }}
Note: The signatures are printed out using the Cursive Signature font.

{{ template.break }}
- This placeholder will insert a page break to the document (PDF).
</br> - A basic HTML code that allows you to insert a line break.

{% if proposal.service_terms %}
h2. Service Terms
{% endif %}

- This section of code will insert a table of service terms, but only if you have included a service that has service terms set up. You can edit the h2. heading and change it to something other then Service Terms if you wish.

Want other fields? Let us know! Please provide a detailed explanation of what you'd like to see come through from the details within our system onto the engagement letter and we'll review it.

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