Collect billing details from your clients when they accept your proposal, and automatically process payments through the Practice Ignition payment gateway.

The Payment Function

Collecting your client's billing details upfront even if you bill on completion gives you the power to collect payment from your clients when you invoice them, rather then letting them have the power to pay you when they feel like it. Get rid of your debtor management by switching to Practice Ignition payments today!

Reconciling Invoices

If you have Xero or QuickBooks Online integrated with your Practice Ignition account, it will also automatically reconcile the payments against your invoices via a clearing account. Each day we check what payments have cleared, and transfer you a lump sum amount of all the payments.


If you are using Xero, we create a clearing account in your Xero file where Practice Ignition will automatically create a transaction for each payment that has come in which is reconciled against the invoice.

To reconcile your bank feed as well, you will need to set up a bank rule to automatically apply any payments from Practice Ignition to the clearing account.

Learn more about reconciling payments in Xero here.


If you are using QuickBooks, we use your Undeposited Funds account to create transactions for each payment which has come in, which we link automatically to the invoice to reconcile it.

To reconcile your bank feed as well, you will need to apply the lump sum amounts that come into your bank account, to the Undeposited Funds account.

Note: The automatic invoice reconciliation process will happen the day after they have cleared.

Who Can Use Payments?

You can use our payment gateway even if you don't have any other integrations to your Practice Ignition account.

We currently have payments fully released for companies using Australian or United States bank accounts to collect the funds from clients in those same countries. Credit Card Payments is also available in Canada, New Zealand and the UK.

Our payments feature is not available to users who are still on trial. To enable collection of payments you will first need to activate your Practice Ignition account by clicking on the "upgrade" button which you can find under the Payments section or alternatively, on the top right corner of your PI window - just beside your profile name.

Select the plan you wish to be on and you will be taken to the Billing Section where you can add your Billing and Credit Card details.

Once your account has been activated, you will have access to the Payment Settings where you can enable the feature and set your preferences.


Payments is an add-on optional feature which does have it's own cost.

Note: For more information on costs when using payments, please see our pricing here.


All of our payment providers have been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and are certified to PCI service provider level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Terms and Conditions of Payments

Here's the User/Practice Payment Terms and Conditions

Here's the Client Payment Terms and Conditions

Note: For information on how to use payments in your proposals see our article here.

Got questions? Check our collection of FAQs or get in touch with us at [email protected] 

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