The payment dashboard is separated out into 2 tabs - Collections and Disbursals. The collections tab shows the collection of payment from your client, and the disbursals tab shows the releasing of funds into your account once it has cleared. This is where you can see reports on all the payments that have been processed by Practice Ignition, upcoming scheduled payments and rejected payments.


On the collections tab there are three tabs - Collecting, Pending Collections, and Rejected. These show the different states that a payment can be in before it is released into your bank account. In the USA, you'll see a fourth tab - verifying (more on this below). 


This tab shows payments that have been successfully collected from your client and are scheduled for releasing into your bank account today, tomorrow and what is still not yet fully cleared - still processing.

If you click on a payment in the list, it will open a draw from the side with more information about that transaction.

Pending Collection

This tab shows all payments that have not been collected yet - the due date of the invoice has not yet passed.

If you click on a payment in the list, you can delete a payment if you wish to cancel it. This will mark the invoice as 'issued' instead of awaiting payment in Practice Ignition, though the status will remain as awaiting payment in Xero or Quickbooks if you have an accounting system integrated.

Verifying (USA only)

This list shows all ACH payments which are pending because the clients have not yet completed the verification process. If it has been more then 3 days since the due date of the invoice and they are still in this list, you may need to remind your client to complete the verification process so that the payment can be processed.

Payments that are still in the "Verifying" state can be deleted. if the scheduled client verification email hasn't been delivered, it will also be cancelled.


This list shows any payments that have been rejected by your clients bank or credit card provider.

Here you can click on a payment to see more details, and retry the payment. You can learn more about rejected payments here.


The disbursals tab shows all the lump sum payments that have been deposited into your bank account. Each transaction may be for multiple collections, so you can see the payment date, the number of collections that disbursal is for, and the total amount of the disbursal.

If you click on a disbursal, you will get a draw from the side showing you the collections that make up that disbursal and the invoice number (if you have connected Practice Ignition with an accounting system).

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