Disabling payments before a proposal is accepted

If you enabled payments by default, you can still disable them on a proposal level. When viewing the proposal, go to the Invoices & Payments tab and click on Manage Payments.

Here, you can turn off payments for Credit Card or Direct Debit - or both. Click the Save button once you're done.

Note: Require Payments is automatically disabled if you do not have an active payment method.

Disabling payments after a proposal is accepted

To disable payments for an active proposal, start by viewing the proposal. Go to the Invoices & Payments tab and click Manage Payments. Choose Arrange payment manually and hit Save.

Any payments that have not yet collected (are scheduled to happen on an invoice due date which is in the future) will not collect, and no other future payments will happen for this proposal. After you refresh your page, you will see the Payment Due and Estimated Clearing Date disappear from that invoice. Any other proposals for this client will not be affected.

Important: Invoices created while payments are disabled will not collect automatically when payments are re-enabled. For instructions on how to manually collect payment for invoices created while the feature was disabled, please see this article.

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