As of August, 2018, you’ll be able to use the new Proposal Acceptance Experience and brochures for all of your Practice Ignition proposals. 

For now, we’ve chosen to make this an “opt-in” feature . In other words, your proposals will default to the classic view. If you’d like to use the new view, you simply enable the toggle at the bottom of the general tab when editing a new proposal:

Why opt-in? While we are confident that your conversion rates will improve when using the new design, we want to ensure that you are given the choice while we gather more feedback from you, the user. 

Once you’ve enabled the New Accept Design, you’ll then have the choice to use the “Detailed Payment Schedule”. Click here to learn more about the difference between the Summary vs Detailed Payment Schedule.

Attaching a Brochure

The next step in the process is to simply upload a PDF brochure, which will be displayed alongside the Proposal Accept screen. Simply click the button, drag and drop, or select the file from your computer or directly from your online storage solution:

Your brochure will be confirmed as uploaded and you’ll be able to carry on creating your proposal as usual:

Brochure File Sizes

To keep the client checkout and acceptance experience as smooth as possible there's a 5mb file size limit to the brochure upload. If you have a large PDF that you'd still like to attach you can use a free online too such as to compress the file down to something more reasonable.

The Classic View

If you’ve already been using Practice Ignition, you’ll be familiar with the “classic” Proposal Acceptance Page. This version delivers all the key elements of your proposal in one single, scrollable and interactive browser screen. Your logo and branding colours are showcased throughout the page, and your client works through each section of the proposal from top to bottom. 

The summary and payment schedule are combined together for brevity, but your client has the ability to expand the service descriptions for more details about the scope. 

They’ll then enter their payment information (for users in AU, CA, US, NZ, UK) and agree to the terms and conditions by entering a digital signature. They could also ask questions or respond to comments from you at the bottom of the screen. 

The design is simple, effective and has a high conversion rate. But after listening to your feedback, we’ve come to understand that it doesn’t do enough to help you validate your value proposition and showcase your brand. Let’s take a look at how the new Proposal Acceptance Experience does exactly that:

The finished Product

Now that you’re ready to send your proposal, the flexibility built in to Practice Ignition allows you to deliver your proposal in a number of different ways. Whether you want to present it on a tablet or laptop in-person, send the link to your client via email, or as a text message, your new Proposal Acceptance Experience (and the brochure) will respond appropriately:

The Desktop/Laptop/Tablet Browser Experience:

The mobile experience:

Your client will now be guided through the acceptance process seamlessly, from the optional personalised message, the service summary, the payment schedule, enter their payment information (for users in AU, CA, US, NZ, UK), and read and agree to your terms and conditions. They’ll be able to download the PDF brochure at any point in the checkout process and they’ll be sent a signed copy of your terms as soon as they accept the proposal. 

At any point they can ask a question by clicking the comments button on the bottom left corner of the screen. 

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